Monday, 25 August 2008

Thou Winter Wind...

"Blow, blow, thou winter wind,
Thou art not so unkind
As a man's ingratitude"

- William Shakespeare, 1599. (Poet & Playwright)

Captured in Suunansjö, Dalarna - Sweden.

- Domesticated Ape

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Atonement - Dunkirk Beach, 1940.

Image from
I love beautifully captured scenes. Scenes which have the ability to flush back distant memories of emotions you forgot you ever felt. That split second reaction unfortunately doesn't happen too often for me but has given me a great love for film.

Atonement has a great scene set in 1940 on Dunkirk beach during the evacuation of British soldiers after they had been cut off by the German army
(See video below). Joe Wright captures this single scene which runs for over five minutes beautifully. He manages to portray the grim reality of death, struggle and survival that these men had to face as they waited. Props to Wright for getting an important and technically challenging scene just right.

Image from
Of course Joe Wright deserves a great deal of credit for his skills as a director but through out the movie the cinematography, the cast and the musical score had been second to none. Visually, this movie is bad ass!

This clip is just for previewing. You can buy the DVD from

- Domesticated Ape

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Summer Afternoon...The Two Words.

"Summer afternoon to me have always been t
he two most beautiful words in the English Language"

- Henry James, 1934. (British Writer & Critic)

Captured in Fullerö, Västmanland - Sweden.

- Domesticated Ape

The Chemical Brothers - Midnight Madness

So The Chemical Brothers have done it again. I heard this track for the first time on the wireless whilst cleaning the bathroom just a few weeks ago. Although I had been dispensing elbow
grease big time, not to mention wearing yellow washing gloves and boxers (yes, I just wear boxers when cleaning the bathroom), I couldn't help but put the Mr Muscle aside and sit in front of the radio and have a good old listen.

As a student of music, I tend to pick apart music by
imagining the creative process and the method to creating each sound. The Chemical Bro's use of samples are beyond me and I can't grasp their creative process on it. 'Midnight Madness' does just that. The sample of what sounds like a trumpet (which I'm sure I've heard in its original form before) is chopped up in to section and then reconstructed, perfectly.

Its NICE bit of electronic music along with a NICELY made 'low budget look' video, with a funky dude dancing about. Its great to see that a dance music video doesn't have to be all about tits and arse.

Check out The Chemical Brothers to download 'Midnight Madness' and more info.

- Domesticated Ape

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Council Estate of Mind

“Same city, different planet from Buckingham Palace”

- Akala, 2005. (British Rapper)

Captured in Bethnal Green - Shoreditch, London.

I took this shot around Bethnal Green - Shoreditch area. It represents London’s over populated urban decay.

- Domesticated Ape

Monday, 18 August 2008

Because We All Get Lonely

“If with me you’d fondly stray,
Over the hills and far away.”

- John Gay, 1728. (English Poet & Playwright)

Captured in Topshop, Staff toilets. Southampton.
Manipulated with

When taking this shot, all that ran through my head was 'what would my work mates think if they walk in and I’
ve got my camera pointed towards the urinals?' So I was quick to take the shot and left with my dignity.

This is my first post...congrats ME! But, this image is from a back catalog of my work. As soon as I get my life sorted I'll have day to day photography including street fashion. Until then I'm digging out my golden oldies!

- Domesticated Ape.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Hey folks| Welcome to my brand-spanking new blog. I'm a music student with a love for photography. As my passion for music is getting my full attention at university, I felt my photography may be getting neglected. Which is why I have created this blog.

So check back soon (a few days-ish), and the blog should be up and running by then.

- Domesticated Ape.